Our Advantages

We are absorbed in making custom corrugated boxes only.

We own 7 imprinters and 2 of them can process extra-large size.

We have perfect corrugated boxes production line and equipment, Click here for details.

Shorter lead time ! (Guaranteed 4 work days delivery time for urgent requirements).

Box Structures


Welcome to corrugatedbox-manufacturer.com!

We are always working hard to be a corrugated box manufacturer & Package supplier in China, focusing on solving the problems for easier printing progress.

Hope our distinctive printing service won't disappoint you. Please email me for any suggestion or complaint and we will revert you via your valid Phone NO. or E-mail address ASAP.


Our core products are Paper Boxes, which includes corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes,greycard boxes and paper boxes with the advantage of low cost and environment protection. Comparing to other packaging materials, paper boxes are recommended for their short production cycle and recycling and lower transportation fee. Nowadays, Big 500 worldwide also start to utilize corrugated paper boxes for the highly developed printing technology and diversities of paper and paper craft to leverage their resources. The paper boxes will become more and more popular in future.